How To Join

Due to exceptional demand for places we have a waiting list at the present time. 

Swimmers who have previous synchronised swmming experience may be able to join the club immediately following a trial session on a Saturday; if there is space available in the relevant team.  Please contact Lisa on 07941871456 for more details.

Medway Sport Sporting Academy are offering Intro to Synchro lessons which are delivered by our Head Coach Lisa.  During the lessons swimmers will learn basic synchro strokes and skills as well as learning to swim simple routines to music.  Swimmers must be aged 7+ and be confident in deep water.  These lessons are aimed at swimmers who have reached Stage 8 on the ASA learn to swim programme.  The lessons progress from Stage 8 to Stage 10.  Places in these lessons must be booked with Medway Park in Gillingham - 01634 336655.

Lessons take place during term time only and are currently run as follows:


4:00 - 4:45pm - Beginners (Stage 8)

4:45 - 5:30pm - Intermediate (Stage 9)

5:30 - 6:15pm - Advanced (Stage 10)

The lessons offer swimmers a chance to try synchro without having to commit to the club.  Club places will be offered once swimmers have achieved the required skill level to join an existing team if there are spaces available.  

When invited to a taster session at Medway Mermaids swimmers will be assessed on their basic swimming skills to see if they meet the clubs minimum required standard.  This is to be able to swim two lengths of our 25m pool in two different strokes competently and confidently.  The swimmer must also be able to tread water for a minute in the deep end (3.8m) of the pool.